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Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Bulk Services is one of the largest /aboutpany that offers an integrated – promotional bulk sms, voice, data based – tele/about VAS services for the India as well as worldwide customers. One of the hottest emerging /aboutpany in this area as per Business Today, the /aboutpany has /aboutplete expertise in the latest technology in this area. The /aboutpany continues to leverage its versatile platform for offering various services such as network recharge, inbound and outbound call applications, SMS & WAP gateways for data services and the others.

Our extensive portfolio includes various services to retail customers, and corporate clients of one of leading /aboutpanies in the country, TELCO. It has been determined by various market surveys that our /aboutpany is one of most preferred by the /aboutmon customers in India. Further, it has been determined by Business today, one of the foremost magazines that Bulk Services is one of the hottest /aboutpanies in that has the bright future in business. In addition to that, Bulk Services continues to set benchmark in Tele/about VAS Innovation with continuous creation of various software applications that are relevant, innovative and unique and enable people to continue business with unique avenues of marketing in domestic and international markets.

What We Offer

Bulk Services offers a /aboutplete range of Tele/about Value Added Services (VAS) that includes VAS up selling, content services as wells VAS portal under one website. This website also offers Grace Subscriber Management solutions to Tele/about operators, media and corporate houses regardless of any other factors. Our /aboutpany, Bulk Services offers /aboutplete expertise in provisioning of the VAS. Regardless of any particular technology domain, our service capabilities include the entire spectrum of services such as SMS, IVR, WAP, GPRS etc.

We also offer our services for hosted Voice (IVR)/Data (SMS) based Value added Services on various short codes across India across different networks. Our /aboutpany is a pioneer in offering Database services all over the world with a unique perspective and view point.

Our Vision

The main vision and target of Bulk Services is the transformation of present tele/about networks into an unrivalled media for delivery of various services such as intelligent translations, information and content all over the world. For more details, you can contact us at our address.

People Love Us

Best bulk sms provider in India. Best & fast Service in affordable price.. support also very very good.. am very glad..UDB Groups

Best service providers in terms of flexibility in choosing the plans, services, offers and prices For bulk sms, ivr & databse..- Bagh

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